Over 40 and forgotten?

Sorry readers I'm on another rant...I'm blaming the weather and the lack of photography inspiration..and the fact I'm sitting around not doing very much at the moment. I was on a bloggers group on Facebook today and there was a survey aimed at people who are active on Social Media and who blog. As it... Continue Reading →

The Breaker – Minette Walters

I've joined a Facebook Bloggers Book Club which has just recently started. For January we could just read our own choice of book. I was part way through The Breaker so continued reading it. This is the second book I've read by Minette Walters and I really enjoyed it (if enjoyed is the right word). ... Continue Reading →

The weekend :)

The photo doesn't really have anything to do with the blog....but I like it anyway 🙂 Today was a fashion  and trinket fair in Sligo. We went to one last month and it was great. It was good this time as well. Lucy got a jacket and some O.P.I so she was happy. I didn't... Continue Reading →

A shameless plug

I entered a photo competition on Look West's facebook page. I'm delighted that two of my photos got shortlisted from 750 to the final 50. The only trouble is now that it's a voting competition which is great if you have loads of friends but I don't 😦 I would love to win a hamper... Continue Reading →

Jono won a bike!

I entered a Facebook competition last week from Glenisk. I was trying to win Jono a bike. The surgeon had said cycling would be good for him. Many of you will know that Jono had spinal fusion surgery. Anyway it was one of those 'like' competitions which I really don't like as they turn into... Continue Reading →

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