Return to the sea


On Friday I went back snorkelling with Wave Sweeper again. I have to say this time it was Lucy that got invited along and I tagged along with her, as you do, and I’ve discovered being in the sea is one of my new favourite things. Anyway firstly have a read of her blog about our day, I know I’m biased but it’s brilliant, how she doesn’t have a column in a magazine I’ll never know. Secondly to give you an idea of where we snorkelled I’ve added an aerial photo of Mullaghmore. We got into the sea at the front left of the photo, explored all around that area and swam around the rocks up to little bridge where we got out.

Ready to go

Once we struggled into the wetsuits, which is always the hardest part, we were ready to go. I do hope there weren’t any people near the trailer because they must have wondered what on earth we were doing!


Mark from Wave Sweeper was our guide. I’d love to be able to be as confident in the water as he is. He makes it look very easy.  He also let me borrow his GoPro camera so I was able to get some pics.


I’m not going to do a really long blog post this time because Lucy has a much better way with words and I’ve done a post already. Both times were very different though. This time we had a few little waves to contend with and also Lucy being there caused us to burst into fits of laughter quite often for no reason.


This crab floated down in front of me and I did freak out a little bit although it’s hard to scream with a snorkel in your mouth! I think at one point it was on my head!…Thanks Mark!


We saw loads of other amazing creatures too but Lucy can tell you all about those. Thanks so much again Mark and Wave Sweeper for such a fantastic day. It’s so brilliant to be able to do something like this in Sligo.

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