Under the sea

Mark from Wave Sweeper

Two weeks ago I was scared of the sea (and heights) – until I went out coasteering with Wave Sweeper in Belmullet, Co. Mayo. How things have changed. I now love swimming in the sea so much that I want my own wetsuit. To my delight Mark from Wave Sweeper has some water activities taking place in Sligo and he invited me snorkelling in Mullaghmore.

Sea Swimming

The worst part for me is trying to struggle into the wetsuit, this time I didn’t thump myself in the face! When I was all kitted up we walked down to the water’s edge and Mark explained all about what we were going to do and how to stay safe. As it was my first time snorkelling I didn’t know how I would get on. As I’m getting older I’m finding I’m slightly claustrophobic so the mask was a bit of a challenge – plus learning to breathe through a snorkel. I don’t know about you but I find the minute I think about breathing I forget how to breathe!!

Making friends

Anyway after a few times of just putting my head in the water to get used to it off we went. It was so amazing! The water was so clear and the amount of things we saw were fantastic. It’s like a whole other world!


I loved swimming in the sea. I felt like Ariel (the little mermaid) not the washing powder πŸ˜‰ I felt very graceful – until I tried to get up on a rock and was like a beached whale so I just sort of lounged there and checked out the sea urchin (who we put straight back in the sea when we had a look at it).

Sea Urchin

The highlight for me was swimming with the fish. It was just so different to anything I’ve ever done before and just so fantastic.

Swimming with the fish

It’s so relaxing, all you can hear is yourself breathing and after a very hectic week it was the perfect way to unwind. I’d never have thought there was so much to see just under the surface of the sea.


You’d never think you were in Ireland! We really do have the best of everything along the Wild Atlantic Way. There is so much to explore and such great activities and adventures to take part in.


I can’t wait to go back snorkelling again! Sadly I can’t claim any of these photos as my camera decided to die. So a huge thanks to Mark, for letting me use his amazing images and for looking after me so well, as always. So why not try this for yourself, anyone over the age of 8 can take part in this brilliant experience. You can contact Wave Sweeper here.


This adventure is part of my Wild Atlantic Wayfarer project, in conjunction with the Hawk’s Well Theatre and LookWest.

9 thoughts on “Under the sea

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    1. Thank you. You have to try it. I was so terrified a couple of weeks ago before I went coasteering and now I’d be in the water all the time if I could.

  1. I used to snorkel as a kid on the west coast. Seeing your post just make me want to dive in again!

  2. Truly wonderful post. Beautiful pictures, and although I have very little interest in feeling like the “Little Mermaid” your post made me envious for water clear enough to snorkel in .

  3. Me and the water are like best buddies. I’ve always been a fish to be honest. That’s why I can’t believe why I have never gone snorkelling. Do they do diving too?
    I’d love to take photos under water.

    1. It’s amazing Janine. They do coasteering which is like diving – there’s a blog post about that too. I did it with them in Mayo but they are also in Sligo now.

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