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Enniscrone Beach

It was a return visit to Enniscrone for me today. There were a couple of other places for me to check out and I jumped at the chance. Enniscrone is a beautiful place and even on a dull day like today it’s well worth a visit. There is a beautiful clean sandy beach which stretches for miles. There are also lots of activities for all the family to take part in. Today I got to try surfing with North West Surf School which is located in Enniscrone.

Shane - North West Surf School

I liked Shane from the surf school straight away. He’s a really friendly guy and a fantastic surf instructor. Now he did have his hands full because I have no balance or co-ordination so bless him he held the board for me while I struggled onto it like a beached whale. He helped me catch the waves and he encouraged me. With his help I managed to stand up on the board, even if it was only for about half a second it’s still a huge achievement for me. When I think back to my trip to Erris I was frightened of the sea and now I love it and it’s thanks to people like Shane, David, Mark and Mikee that I do.

Surf flag

There were three teenagers surfing along with me and they were fantastic. One girl only started today and with Shane’s coaching she stood up right away! I’d love to be able to accomplish that and I did end up getting a bit cross with myself when I kept trying and failing. Shane has invited me back again though (bless him!) so maybe next time. He’s also invited Lucy along, she’s always wanted to try surfing so she’s delighted. Thanks a million Shane for a great day.

Sea Horses

Also on Enniscrone Beach I got to meet the beautiful horses from Iceford Stables who were having a canter along the seashore. Iceford Stables cater for all abilities from beginners to advanced and all ages. The beach rides are for experienced riders but for beginners there are treks on quiet roads or the indoor arena.


There is also a party room in the large stables and a brilliant cross-country course involving various jumps.

Water jumpOn my way back from the stables I found The Warren Way walk so I stopped to stretch my legs and have a look. I didn’t get very far because it started lashing rain and I still don’t have a waterproof coat. So if I go back again I’ll have a proper look.

The Warren Way

Thanks to Discover Enniscrone for all their help in my project and to all the people there who have been so welcoming.

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  1. We are staying regularly in Enniscrone, when we are in Ireland. It is the most beautiful place to stay and we really enjoy that piece of earth!! Great to see, that you like it, too!!! Thanks for your great block!

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