Trumpets and Knickers

The Model

Yes I know it’s an odd blog title…but it’s to do with the Spike Sligo stories I’m working on. All will be revealed when the time comes 😉 The good people of twitter must think I’m going slightly mad with my talk of trumpets and knickers.It’s been really interesting though, Spike Milligan was a real character. The poor storyteller I met today had his ear chewed off, I have a severe case of verbal diarrhoea sometimes, I really should come with a health warning.

Between all the Spike stories there are a couple of things on the horizon. It’s strange because I’ve really taken a step back as regards photography, purposely so, and it seems that now things are coming to me. Two great things, one I’ve always wanted to do and the other a brilliant opportunity, I’m excited about them both but nervous about one. I won’t blog about them yet…until nearer the time….so watch this space.

The weather was bloody freezing today so I spent time going from Chapters to The Model (hence the photo above) and in to Hargadons for the poetry reading, which was kind of fitting as it’s the anniversary of WB Yeats death today. I got blown into Chapters, bringing with me about a tonne of hailstones. The rest of the customers almost got whiplash turning around to see what the commotion was. It was like being an Artic explorer! I have frightened several small children and the postman today with my banshee like hair, damn wind. Hopefully tomorrow will be calmer.


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  1. I loved Spike Milligan. I watched some hilarious interviews with him over the years, and his tombstone epitaph is still my favourite, ‘Duirt mé leat go raibh mé breiote’, which is Irish for ‘I told you I was sick’.

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