The End of a Chapter

Chapters Tomorrow will be a sad day for me as Chapters, one of my favourite coffee shops in Sligo, is closing down.

Chapters holds many happy memories for me. I’ve met with friends there, listened to poetry and readings there, been filmed for TV there, chilled out there. I remember sitting in Chapters many times updating my site when we had no Internet at home. I sat and enjoyed a much-needed coffee and relax in the mayhem of the Fleadh, looking out of the window at the revelry that was taking place in the streets.

Seeds of ideas happened there, views were exchanged, friendships were forged, contacts were made. It was my second home.


Chapters was a very special place, due in the most part to Aileen and Rory (and their wonderful staff). When you set foot in Chapters you were guaranteed to be greeted by a smiling, friendly face. It was like the theme from the programme Cheers – ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name‘.

I’d like to wish Aileen, Rory and all the staff the very best in the new chapter of their life. You are very special people and thank you for everything. Below is just one of the many musical events that took place in Chapters.

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  1. Val, I’d just like to echo what you’ve said here. it was one of the few good coffee shops left in Sligo, and there was always a happy smiling face behind the counter, whenever I walked in.

    We’ll miss it.

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