TV and toenails

Deric Hartigan 3e

It’s been a very busy week. I haven’t had time to bless my self, as my granny would have said (not that I ever do bless myself but you get the idea).

We had a few days of ice/snow/sleet/hail. The usual Irish four seasons in one day weather but the photo above came out of that. I took it on my phone in Doorly Park, Sligo and Deric Hartigan, the lovely 3e weatherman, showed it on the TV. πŸ˜€ Below is another one taken in the same place but looking to my right. Not the best quality because for some reason my phone won’t let me take photos straight from it since I updated the operating system so I had to download it from Facebook. Bloody technology.

Doorly Park

The rest of the week we had ‘mizzle’ I read this on another blog I read. I like to think it means miserable drizzle, Lucy thinks it’s moderate drizzle…if there’s a job for weather forecasting coming up she’ll get it ahead of me πŸ˜‰ So mizzle combined with gusts of wind resulted in me looking like some kind of demented Mary Poppins, walking through town with my umbrella going everywhere except where it should. Seriously though I’m not great with umbrellas, the fact that I’m a shortarse really doesn’t help as I usually end up trying to take someones eye out with it. I think a wetsuit would be the best idea, if only my arse wasn’t so big πŸ˜‰

Poetry reading

This week I got to go into Hargadons and listen to the poetry reading. It was great, I’ll have to try to get in again. I have to say I love Barbara’s (above) Dr. Martens…I’d like a red pair or a purple pair.

Now on to toenails and be thankful I refrained from taking a photo of this. Jono decided to rip his toenail out, in the middle of the night, during the week….as you do! He must have one very high pain threshold. He had a problem with an ingrown toenail last year which got removed. The nail was growing back and digging into his skin though so he just ripped it out…ouch! It’s not looking great at the moment but hopefully it’ll heal soon.

On top of all that I’ve been busy with the Spike Sligo Stories. I’m so excited with this project, I’m getting to meet some really interesting people and the stories are just brilliant. What a shame Spike isn’t still with us, I’d say he’d be fascinating to meet.

Rachel Quinn

Oh before I forget before Christmas I did a ceramics course with the talented Rachel Quinn. She has another course staring in a few days so if you want to learn something new it’s well worth a try. Above is one of the things I made…well it’s a start πŸ˜‰

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