How to Wrestle a Polar Bear


On the last Saturday before Christmas I escaped the hustle and bustle of all the last-minute shoppers and headed down to the The Factory performance space here in Sligo to hear the great explorer Thaddeus M. Whimsicleese (Bob Kelly) tell us all about his adventures.


As I walked through the door I was transported to the Antarctic with the winds howling and the stage set for a magical performance. We were read a ‘boring’ book as we waited for Thaddeus to battle the elements, and the sharks, to arrive.


When Mr. Whimsicleese did arrive he told us tales of how he braved the ferocious creatures of the antarctic with only his farting half dog half turtle side-kick to help him and a lump of cheese to throw to the animals so they didn’t eat him.


It was all quite thrilling and such a wonderful change from the panto and tickets were only €5. The kids got very involved and some of their answers were hilarious. After the play we were all led ‘outside’ into the snow, it all made for a magical experience.


Now at this point I should tell you how to wrestle a polar bear but if I did I’d have to kill you 😉 So you’ll just have to make sure that you go along next time and find out for yourself. Check out the Tribe Theatre

There are a few more photos here.



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