Tiffany Budd – Goldsmith

Jewellery makingToday was a great day. A totally new opportunity for me to try something different at a silver jewellery making course with the wonderfully talented Tiffany Budd.

Picasa ExportI really had no idea what to expect but I turned up to a very warm welcome by Tiffany and her lovely dogs. First things first was a cuppa….always the most important thing and a chat.  Tiffany asked me if I had an ideas of what to make and Lucy had mentioned a bracelet so we got to work.

IMG_4896Tiffany is a great teacher, very patient and great at explaining everything. If that was me I’d have knocked the student out-of-the-way and made the piece myself! Hence why I’m not a teacher. She did tell me all the terms but I have a head like a sieve and have forgotten most of them.

IMG_4889We started with an old dolphin bracelet which had to be heated with a blow pipe torch (which is hooked up to a gas bottle) to make it pliable – note to self blow don’t suck!! Also don’t forget to breathe….I was so busy blowing at one point I did forget to breathe…and take the blow pipe out of your mouth when you do breathe or you’ll breathe in gas! I’m rambling now, but you get the picture.

IMG_4892You can tell I have a bit of a fascination with the flame. I got a bit close to it at one point and almost set fire to myself…that would have made a good blog post 😉 The head and tail of the dolphin were taken off with a very thin hacksaw…I caught my finger with it and broke the saw blade, sorry Tiffany, I’ll never make a good student!

IMG_4900There was a lot of hammering, sanding, filing, polishing and of course chatting. Tiffany has a very easy way about her and a great sense of humour. As well as being a wonderful teacher and jeweller she also makes lovely bread which I got to try for lunch. I think this is such a great idea for a course, it was lovely to be able to make something in just a few hours and be able to take it home. If you are looking for something different as a present for someone this would be great for them, or go along and make them a piece of unique jewellery! You can even make your own wedding bands.

IMG_4949-001Thank you Tiffany for a really lovely day (and taking the photos of me ‘at work’), the hours flew by and I’m delighted with the snake bracelet, so is Lucy.  You can find out more about the courses here. If the idea of making something yourself doesn’t appeal to you Tiffany will make something for you. You can see some of her previous work here.


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  1. Hi Val

    I did a silver jewellery making course over 40 years ago and really loved it. Every time I wear something I made, I wish that I could take it up again. Maybe I should be looking for a course now that I am retired. It was very special also because my late mum did the evening classes with me.

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