Harrison’s, Cliffoney, Sligo

HarrisonsFirstly apologies because you will be hungry by the time you’ve finished reading this post. Secondly I don’t spend all my time eating in case you are wondering 😉 When I was posted the list of things to do in Sligo Harrison’s contacted me to invite me out to dinner. As it turned out we went for lunch because we were in Mullaghmore for the donkey derby and Harrison’s is just up the road from there.

Chicken wingsHarrison’s is a family business and has been running for over 100 years. It’s a bar and restaurant located on the N15 which is the main road from Sligo – Donegal so would be the perfect place to stop mid-way for lunch. The menu is extensive and caters for every taste and every age group, there is a wide choice from pizza and pasta to seafood and steak. I wasn’t going to have a starter but Jono went for the chicken wings that came with a side salad and BBQ dip, they were lovely…I had to try a bit just so I could comment 😉


Wild Atlantic Way platterTo my surprise and delight Declan gave me this wonderful ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ platter. It was really something else and all the fish came from Mullaghmore harbour, you can’t get anymore local than that. It was served with Harrison’s homemade brown bread and was like a main course in itself.

Chicken supremeFor the main course I had chicken supreme which was covered in a lovely whisky and mushroom sauce and served on a bed of mashed potato it also came with seasonal vegetables including broccoli in a cheese sauce, carrots and turnip. It was just delicious, I’m hungry now just looking at the photos!

Steak and ChipsJono went for the steak and chips for his main course. I loved the little jar for the peppercorn sauce and the bucket for the chips…very cute. Jono really enjoyed his meal. Not only was the food wonderful, the service was second to none, we were so well looked after and that wasn’t just us the same went for everyone in the restaurant and it was busy. It’s very easy to see why Harrison’s won the best customer service award for the Connaught region in the 2014 Irish Restaurant Awards.

DessertsNow for the desserts. Jono was full up so he just ordered tea and I went for the warm chocolate fudge cake…just for research purposes 😉 Again I was surprised when a lemon posset dessert was given to us as well. This was something I wouldn’t have ordered but it was amazing!! I really must try to make this one day.

Lemon possetMy huge thanks to Harrison’s for such a wonderful meal and for treating us so well, as Arnie says ‘I’ll be back’.  Thanks to Marie Casserly for spreading the word about me, much appreciated.

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