A quick catch up

IMG_0036I have another foodie blog to post but didn’t want to do two in a row so in between all that eating (and trying to make tomatoes red) we’ve been out and about trying to make the most of what’s left of the ‘summer’. I use the term summer lightly as its bloody freezing! The Mullaghmore Donkey Derby took place over the weekend so Jono and I went to see the donkey show before it.

IMG_9895One of the donkeys was very fond of Jono! While we were in Mullaghmore we also visited the Peace Gardens there which is one of the Secret Gardens of Sligo , there were some really pretty flowers there and even a few bees buzzing around.


I also enjoyed looking at the wonderful job done at Eithna’s By the Sea. It really brightens up Mullaghmore, I think it’s brilliant.


In other news I was delighted when I went into Chapters today and there was a Fleadh hoodie waiting for me! If you follow me on twitter you will know I was complaining about the cold when I was in Sligo taking photos at the Fleadh and I really wanted a hoodie as they were so warm but I couldn’t afford one so a very kind soul left one in Chapters for me. I’ve no idea who it is so if they are reading this thank you so much. I have it on at the moment after being frozen by taking part in the ice bucket challenge!

10614386_10152370409592424_2542181742782009027_nThe blog awards short list came out today, I didn’t make it but I wasn’t surprised. I’d been nominated in the photography category and I don’t think this is a photography blog. It’s mainly me waffling on with photos in between. I was surprised that Lucy’s blog didn’t make it though, she was nominated in the best newcomer blog and I thought she stood a really good chance. I know I’m biased but I think her blog is great.

If you are waiting for another food related post, it’s coming up next.

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  1. I love to read your posts! You are always so enthusiastic ! It is great to read you and I really want to go to Sligo to go at least a bunch of the places that you described so well in your blog.

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