Summer Dining at Harrisons

Lucy and I were delighted to be invited along to Harrison's Bar and Restaurant in Cliffoney to try out their new summer menu. We went along just after our snorkelling trip in Mullaghmore so we were both really hungry which was just as well because we had a feast! As soon as we arrived we... Continue Reading →

Showing off Sligo

I got a phone call last week from Leinster House...yes really, how mad is that! To say that Lucinda Creighton, Eddie Hobbs and John Leahy were coming to Sligo and wanted someone to show them some tourist attractions. I'm not political at all but I have been called the 'one woman tourist board' for Sligo... Continue Reading →

Harrison’s, Cliffoney, Sligo

Firstly apologies because you will be hungry by the time you've finished reading this post. Secondly I don't spend all my time eating in case you are wondering 😉 When I was posted the list of things to do in Sligo Harrison's contacted me to invite me out to dinner. As it turned out we... Continue Reading →

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