Black and white River

Swapping the bright lights for the rural life

I’ve read a few blog posts;  Life in Rural Ireland as a ‘blow-in‘ it stirred up a lot of memories of when we first moved to Ireland. When Andy and I were first married we came to Sligo on holiday for a week and fell in love with the place. It was Andy’s first time to ever […]

Mother’s Day and memories

So tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Ireland and the UK. I think it’s a Hallmark Day to be honest but anyway that’s beside the point. Not only is it Mother’s Day this weekend but it was also my dad’s 10th anniversary yesterday. You are probably wondering where I’m going with this but I went to […]

Mundane musings

A blog post with a bit of everything and thanks Lucy for the blog title. I thought I’d tell you some of the things that I like and some things that have been going on. Pets Firstly Puggly (one of our dogs) seemed very down. I wondered if dogs got depression, it turns out they […]

Frazzled Friday

Well the rainy weather hasn’t had the best effect on people if work was anything to go by. I heard complaints about everything and anything from the price of breakfast rolls to the weather but sometimes people just need to vent and that’s OK. I had a double shift today so in between I took […]

Wheelchairs and waiting

If you didn’t see the post last week about Jono you can read it here. There’s not really any news on that front. A few councillors have been in touch, just a few (Chris MacManus, Marie Casserly and Dara Mulvey) this is quite disappointing considering how many were tagged and contacted. The occupational therapist phoned […]

Tight trousers, John Travolta and more….

It’s been a mixed bag of a day. The first dilemma was trying to get my trousers on this morning, I needed to lie on a bed to do the button up….I sort of forgot about that fact when I was out and about…so the slabs of cake have to stop. We went swimming and […]