Irish Food

Potato PickingSo what do you think of when you think of Irish food? These days the food is fantastic and there are all kinds of foods on offer which is great. We really are spoilt for choice. Thinking back over the past though and especially when I used to visit my Nan in Galway it was always the same kinds of foods: potatoes, bacon, cabbage and soda bread. Potatoes are still so popular here we even have a potato picking race in our sports days!

Soda breadSoda bread is still very popular but now we have various flavours available not just brown and white. I was at Rathormac market last week and they even had Guinness Flavour bread…you can’t get more Irish than that! I have to highly recommend the breads at the Sligo markets, they are all freshly made the morning they are sold and all really tasty especially when they are warmed up or toasted with lashings of butter. (I sound like I’m in the Famous Five).

Guinness Soda BreadNow I can’t just do a blog about Irish food without mentioning tea. Yes I know it’s not food but it’s the same category. No house in Ireland is ever without tea and it’s the answer to every problem: ‘It’s raining’, ‘We’ll have a cup of tea.’ ‘The Internet isn’t working’, ‘We’ll have a cup of tea.’ ‘Your father has run off with the post mistress’, ‘We’ll have a cup of tea’….you get the picture.

Afternoon TeaAnyway I do love a good cup of tea but anyone who knows me will know that I hate shopping so imagine my joy when I realised that Viking Direct sell Lyons tea bags!! Just when we’ve run out of printer paper, so I can now get my tea bags at the same time as my office order. They also sell hampers full of Irish food products including cheese, chocolates and relishes so if anyone wants to send me a hamper I won’t complain 😉

Love Irish Food is a great website to find out more about Irish foods and if you get a chance do go to Bloom in the Park. I went last year and had a great time. You can read about my visit here.

One thought on “Irish Food

  • When I think of Irish food, the first things that come to my mind are indeed soda bread and tea, then eggs and bacon for breakfast. But also the yummy choices they have at restaurants such as Henry’s, Yeats Tavern, and Lang’s that are a bit north of Sligo. I think of freshly caught fish, local vegetables and salads. Mhm, I could do with one of these now 🙂

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