Going for election? You can park where you like.

210kqhwThese photos were doing the rounds on the Internet yesterday. I never post about politics but this really annoyed me. What gives these drivers the right to park where they like? Why take some of the very few disabled parking spaces that are around the place? To add insult to injury there are other parking spaces available that could and should have been used.

2ajaluwI also don’t understand the fact that a member of the public who parked in a disabled bay recently got banned from driving for 6 months and fined €500. Will the same be done with these drivers? Does being a politician make you exempt from the law?


Fullscreen capture 20052014 122557Above was the response from Senator Lorraine Higgins. No apology just a lame excuse in my opinion. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it happened disabled spaces are for people with a disability who those who have a passenger with a disability.

Anyway rant over. I really hope these people will re-think where they park. There are no excuses.

3 thoughts on “Going for election? You can park where you like.

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  1. There’s NO such excuse, in these cases, for replying with ‘honest mistake’. It’s totally DIShonest and disrespectful. This photograph, and acknowledgement of inexcusable parking in Disabled Bay has been all over Social Media but hasn’t attracted legal attention. Are politicians excused from all rule-breaking?!

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