National Volunteer Week in Sligo

Tidy TownsThis week is National Volunteer Week and I really want to highlight how important volunteering is both for the volunteer and the organisations. To speak from my own experience I’ve volunteered in a few different places and they’ve all been enjoyable in their own way. It’s great to be able to give something back to the community and after years of being out of work it’s nice to feel useful again. I’ve also met some great people through volunteering.

Sligo Volunteer Centre staff and managementWe are very lucky that is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for volunteers here in Sligo. They are really helpful at suggesting roles you may be interested in and there is no pressure to take a role you aren’t sure about. There are all kinds of roles available including these ones:

-Walking companion for a client of National Council for the Blind
-Bingo Assistant at Nazareth House Nursing Home
-Youth Work – Clubs countywide
-Sports with adults/children with disabilities – Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership
Rock’n The Green Festival Charity Music Festival (CF/Hospice)
-Admin volunteer to help establish a new Yeats Interpretive Centre
-Greet visitors to Dolly’s Cottage Strandhill – Summer role
-Meet & Greet Volunteers Sligo General Hospital
-Do small jobs for older people Sligo Lend a Hand
Apply online

If you are an organisation looking for volunteers you can contact Sligo Volunteer Centre too and they will be able to help you find suitable volunteers.

So if you have a few hours to spare each week or just want to help out an organisation now and again why not think about volunteering.

One thought on “National Volunteer Week in Sligo

  • Thanks Val. We find people are sometimes afraid to even mention volunteering in case they get ‘roped’ into something so thanks for stressing that we are here for advice and info only. No pressure!
    People can see all the current volunteer vacancies and search their local area/anywhere in the country here: or come along to a Information Workshop if they want help/advice.

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