The Sky’s the Limit

Mayor Marcella McGarry and me!Life is very strange, you really never know what is going to happen from day-to-day. I got a call on Tuesday, (funny enough that was April Fools’ Day)  from Austin O’Callaghan to ask if I would be interested in doing a bit for a tv programme talking about my photography and my new Sligo-Secrets website. I didn’t need to be asked twice!

Filming at ChaptersCiaran and Mick from Ocean FM were filming me being interviewed by Austin in Chapters Coffee House. It’s for a show called County Matters on Sky Channel 191 – Irish TV, I’m not sure what date it will be aired but I’ll let you know. Thanks to Aileen from Chapters for the photo above and letting us use her facilities – Chapters is like my second home 😉

Michael WannAfter being interviewed by Austin we headed up to The Model to have a chat with the very talented Michael Wann who has an exhibition running in ‘room’ at the moment. I will do a proper blog post about this wonderful exhibition tomorrow.

Paul Keyes and Austin O'CallaghanAfter The Model it was over to talk to Paul Keyes the Chief Executive of the Chamber and Mayor Marcella McGarry. I was very humbled to hear them being so complimentary about my photos, it was such an honour.

The media menIt was a really amazing experience…who’d have ever thought this would happen to me!! We did have some laughs along the way though. I thought it was really funny when we weren’t filming….above are the ‘anti-social’ media men. What a great advert for Apple iPhones!! It took around 3 hours to film 12 minutes. I feel sorry for the poor guys who have to edit the footage. Anyway that was my day today. I wonder what will happen tomorrow!


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