Michael Wann – ‘self-assembly’ Exhibition

art exhibitionI had the pleasure of chatting to the very talented Michael Wann yesterday. He has an exhibition running at the moment called ‘self-assembly’. It’s a fantastic collection of self-portraits and is running for this month in ‘room’ @ The Model. Room is a contemporary exhibition space designated to the resident studio artists, and is independently programmed and curated.

Michael WannAs luck would have it yesterday was the day I was being followed around by the film crew so I was able to chat away to Michael and take photos as the film crew did their job.

Michael WannI would love to be able to draw and Michael assures me that everyone can. Michael runs drawing workshops exploring a wide range of techniques, using the medium of charcoal for beginners and advanced practitioners. To find out more you can email him studio@michaelwann.com

Self-assemblyI really think this exhibition is very special. Each piece captures so much emotion and they each tell a story. If you get a chance do go and see the exhibition.

Jack B. Yeats I first found out about Michael Wann when I saw this stunning portrait of Jack. B. Yeats hanging in the foyer of The Model for Yeats Day, 2013. I honestly think it should be there permanently. It was such an eye-catching portrait and caught everyone’s attention. The foyer looks very bare without it. To find out more about Michael’s work you can visit his website.


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