Mullaghmore Heritage Walk

Castle, Mullaghmore, Sligo with a cloudy skyYesterday I went along to explore Mullaghmore. Seatrails were holding a heritage walk so it was a brilliant opportunity for me to find out more about the area and to experience a Seatrails walk.

Pól Ó Conghaile, Auriel from Seatrails, Joe McGowan and Eithna from Eithna's by the seaI was in good company, along with award-winning travel writer Pól Ó Conghaile, Auriel from Seatrails, author and historian Joe McGowan and Eithna O’Sullivan owner of the award-winning restaurant Eithna’s by the Sea.

Auriel showing us the mapAuriel spent some time telling us about the area we were going to see and the history of it. I’m not going to tell you all the details because it’s far better to hear it from Auriel herself. In this photo she is holding a coral reef fossil which is 330 million years old! Pol is exploring some of the Wild Atlantic Way and Sligo is part of that. I’m looking forward to reading his article about it.

Joe McGowanJoe McGowan was telling us what life was like when he was growing up in Mullaghmore. He has a huge respect for the sea and was telling us about how the locals enjoyed the many things that were washed up on the shore including barrels of rum, rubber, cotton and wood. In fact the cradle Joe slept in when he was a baby was made from wood washed up on the shore which his father made into a cradle. Joe also told us about the diet people would have lived on years ago including slouc and crannach (types of seaweed)and limpets. It’s great to see the interest again in seaweed, although for some households it’s always been used. I remember my mother regularly giving us Carrageen moss in various guises, it’s meant to be great for sore throats and chesty coughs.

Auriel climbing the cliff wallAuriel is like Sligo’s version of Wonder Woman. She thought nothing of running up the steep steps by the harbour and was going to walk along the top of the wall. The rest of us weren’t as keen so she came back down again.

Auriel from seatrailsWe went around Mullaghmore Head and Auriel pointed out promontory forts which are defensive structures located above steep cliffs. They are Iron Age and date to about 500 BC upwards. There are lots of prehistoric settlements along the Sligo shores not just the forts but also shell middens. These shells give Sligo its Irish name of Sligeach meaning ‘the shelly place’. We also saw the location of the big waves although there weren’t any surfers out yesterday.

The dog and the castleEven Auriel’s dog Zara was impressed by the scenery. Mullaghmore really is a stunning place. The castle in the photo above is Classiebawn Castle, the former home of Lord Mountbatten.

Eithna's restaurantAfter all that walking and talking we’d worked up an appetite so we headed back to Eithna’s By the Sea. This wonderful restaurant was the winner of Georgina Campbell’s ‘Best Seafood Restaurant in Ireland’. Eithna’s by the Sea is a unique seafood, shellfish & seaweed restaurant in Mullaghmore.

Eithna in her restuarantEithna is a lovely lady and so talented. Eithna’s by the sea is a lovely cosy restaurant. We were seated by a roaring fire and with the wonderful food and great company I could have stayed there all day.

Soup and seafood plateI had parsnip and wild garlic soup and a seafood tasting plate, which included crab, lobster, squid and mackeral. It was like a work of art, it look wonderful and tasted as good as it looked. We also had seaweed bread and a variety of pestos including a seaweed one, peppers and chilli and a wild garlic one. We also had roasted seaweed which tasted like really good quality crisps…just amazing! Eithna sources most of her produce locally, in fact the lobster came from Mullaghmore Sea Farms which is located just across the road from Eithna’s. You can’t get more local than that.

Aidan delivering saladAidan from the Tattie Hoaker supplies salad to Eithna’s. He happened to be delivering when we were there. He’s based only a few miles from Mullaghmore.

It was a really wonderful day out. I can’t wait for the next one. Not only do we have such beautiful scenery here in Sligo we also have fantastic food and brilliant adventures, what more could you ask for? The rest of my photos are here.

Seatrails poster If you missed out on this Seatrails event why not book the next one which takes place on the 26th and 27th of April, you can book just one day or both. Check out Seatrails for more information.



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  1. Thank you, I enjoyed this post so much! I’m so glad Eithna’s is back in Mullaghmore…such a fantastic place. When I visited some years ago there was this Chinese place instead of it…Shame the old paint is gone though.

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