It’s been one of those weeks where things seem to be going against me. To be honest I’m even starting to get on my own nerves so I’m not going to start moaning on here, it’s really not like me. Apologies to the people who have got their ears chewed off this week! Anyway today was my dad’s 5th anniversary. As I was driving to his grave rays of light started appearing, it’s like he was looking out for me.

Seagull in flightMy photography mojo also seems to have taken a bit of a holiday. I’m hoping it’ll come back soon because I miss it. Photography is the one thing that completely focuses (pardon the pun) my mind and stops me thinking about all the other rubbish that is going on. I did take the photo above yesterday though, I was sitting in Doorly Park and this guy flew alongside me. This is a rare photo of mine that I actually like. Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon 🙂




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  1. Val, I totally understand what you mean about picking up the camera and having your worries just melt away. I’m the same myself, I breathe more deeply with the camera in hand. That said, your bird photo is absolutely fab, so if that’s your lost mojo I’m looking forward to you getting it back again! You are a fantastic photographer and nothing will change that.

  2. So sorry you’ve temporarily lost your photographic mojo but love your most recent two. Yes, no doubt your dear dad was smiling down upon you to give encouragement. Hope you feel inspired enough to pick the camera back up today … hopefully sun will reappear!

  3. These are lovely. It’s hard to find inspiration all the time, especially when life and the often miserable Irish weather gets in the way. Keep shooting and you’ll find your mojo pretty soon.

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