Snow Day

1-IMG_8256Well today started off normal enough until I saw the snow on the mountains and decided to head up to the Gleniff Horseshoe. This place still gives me the wow factor no matter how many times I go up there.

1-IMG_2965Anyway it was calm enough when I first got there and took a photo of the river. Then I drove up the road and it started to snow. By the time I got to the top of the horseshoe it was a blizzard! I got out of the car with the phone (got soaked in snow) but got the photo at the top of the page. I didn’t think much of it and put it up on twitter…well it went mad!! The Irish Times contacted me and asked if they could post it. The Independent asked me too. Conor from Breaking News did a great article! The Journal posted it too and the Irish Mirror !!! I lost count of the amount of retweets and shares it got on Facebook and Twitter! To top it all I was trending on twitter, thanks to Blanaid for telling me.

1779532_10201151156093107_1685387532_nI’m so shocked, I’ve never had a response like that to a photo, I’m thinking of retiring 😉 Now if I could get paid that’d be good.

1-IMG_2987-001Anyway I took some more photos today, I’ll post a couple more here.

1-IMG_2995The rest of my photos from today are here.


12 thoughts on “Snow Day

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  1. An amazing picture Val.. It’s like heaven and earth just met at that spot … and there you were to record it.. thanks for sharing it. Anybody thinking of doing a remake of Wuthering Heights might like this image….

  2. You never cease to amaze me Val. No one captures Sligo more honestly and beautifully as you. Your photos are so wonderful that, if I didn’t already have a tour company bringing people there, I would get one going. 🙂

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