Cars and competitions

1-IMG_4904Well today was one of those days! I went out to Gilbert the car this morning and it was as dead as a doornail. Andy was asleep so I decided to grab the power pack we had for jump starting the car and I started it all by myself!! So there I was doing a victory dance and saying ‘who needs men anyway’, much to the amusement of Lucy.

I spoke too soon though, I went into town, parked the car and went for my walk. Went back to the car and Gilbert was dead again, I tried to jump him again but failed. So I ranted on Facebook and twitter. A few of my friends suggested I phone Martin Jenkins (he has a garage in Cleveragh near Happy Days), I called him and he was with me in ten minutes! He started the car, I went off and got a new battery and he fitted it for me. Three cheers for Martin and I take it back (we do need men 😉 )

After getting home I was checking my emails and there was one from Nuala Carey from RTE. The photo above is runner-up in the RTE Weather photo competition. It will be on RTE1 & 2 weather reports tomorrow, so that was a bit of great news 🙂

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