Around Achill

1-IMG_0800Today I went to Achill Island for the first time ever I’m ashamed to say! I was heading to Westport to see my friends exhibition and I realised the Custom House Gallery didn’t open until 1pm so I had several hours to kill and decided to explore. I’m going to do a couple of posts about Achill because I took way too many photos. The photo above was taken in Aclare just outside Tubbercurry at 8.30am, the fog was lifting and the moon was very bright so I had to pull over to take this.

NewportHeading into Newport and it was another stop off to take the photo above. Newport is a beautiful town, I didn’t have much time to stop and take photos so I’ll have to go back again.

1-IMG_7924Mulranny in Mayo looks like another lovely place, there are little derelict cottages dotted around the place.

1-IMG_7925Another stop off to take these photos. I was a bit put off though as I had an audience of locals!! They obviously aren’t used to seeing people with cameras.

1-IMG_7929The bridge onto Achill Island reminds me of a persons ribs, I’m not sure if I like it or hate it.

1-IMG_7934As soon as I got over the bridge and into Achill I got caught in a traffic jam đŸ˜‰ there were several of these along the way. Achill is a very beautiful place, quaint and quiet. Perfect for exploring.

1-IMG_0824I had a wander around the base of Slievemore Mountain where there is a deserted village (I’ll post more about that tomorrow).

1-IMG_7937The village was completely deserted, this little angel was sitting on a wall. I love angels and thought this was very sweet.

1-IMG_0914After a quick look around Keel I headed to Keem beach, along some very narrow roads. There was a lay-by where I pulled in and saw my first view of the beach. It’s very beautiful, the sand was so clean and although it was a cold day as the beach is sheltered there it didn’t feel cold at all.

1-IMG_7943This is how narrow the road was, I’m very glad I didn’t meet any other traffic (except the sheep!) I’m also glad it wasn’t icy!

1-IMG_0929There are beaches all around Achill but I’m told that Keem is the nicest one.

1-IMG_0931I had to wonder about the people in the sea though! Rather them than me. This is part one of my blog about Achill, there’ll be more tomorrow.


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  1. Fantastic photos, Val. I only got to Achill myself finally last year, when Michael and I met up with my childhood American friend and her husband in June. It was very cold and very windy, and we didn’t get to explore too much, so I’m anxious to return because it is indeed an incredibly lovely place. Looking forward to your next Achill batch!

  2. I have to confess that I’ve never been to Achill (nor have I been to Newport), but lately, it’s been almost sort of beckoning me. These photos you’ve taken and shared with us express how lovely it is, and make my desire to visit there that much more. Keem beach looks beautiful.

    As for Aclare, it’s a lovely little place, I agree. South Sligo has some little gems like Aclare, Tourlestrane, Lough Easkey and Lough Talt.

  3. I have never been to a hill but now I am more inclined to go so will try when I get a chance lovely photos as well

  4. It’s my favourite place in Ireland. Been going there every year since I was a child on holidays and to this day I still love it. You’ll have to take the Atlantic Drive next time you are there, you can get some great shots there. Also did ya head to the Golden Strand? It’s fab there too. Ok, I’m gonna stop gushing now!

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