The Deserted Village, Achill

1-IMG_0833Following on from my first Achill post I stopped at The Deserted Village. There are around 100 cottages at the base of Slievemore mountain along a mile long stretch. Now it was called the deserted village but I wasn’t alone.

1-IMG_0841I had an audience of sheep!

1-IMG_0855So there I was minding my own business and looking at the sheep and I saw a car heading down the lane (herding a flock of sheep…I wish I had the bigger lens on the camera!) The car stopped and a friendly farmer called Tom introduced himself. He really should work for the Achill tourist board.

1-IMG_0883Tom was telling me that the cottages I was looking at were abandoned by tenants who moved away during the famine. He said there were at least another 100 cottages at the other side of the mountain but they were demolished during the famine when the landlord evicted the tenants. The cottages were demolished so the occupants had no choice but to leave.

1-IMG_0871Tom was telling me that these cottages had central heating, now as this was in the 1800’s I was sceptical but he told me each cottage had a cow living in it for the warmth and that was their central heating…now he could well be pulling my leg as I can’t see how a cow and possibly a family of around eight people lived in a tiny one-roomed cottage!!

1-IMG_0847So that is briefly my take (and Toms) on the deserted village. There will be another post about Achill. There are some more photos here.

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  1. Great island, all in all. Sorry I have not got back to you on Archaeology in Sligo yet, but on this note there is a triple whammy like this in Sligo – Killaspugbrone near Strandhill. The village was swallowed by sand and the residents were assisted in relocating around 1820. The church is an early Medieval building linked to St. Patrick (there is a shrine with St. Patricks tooth linked to it) and its the only place I know of that has an airport runway with a pedestrian crossing – though I was only buzzed once while crossing. Lovely crescent bay just beside the church – wonderful for a peaceful picnic.

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