Sligo and seaweed

1-IMG_0683Thanks so much for the kind words about the Sligo-Secrets site. I’m still plodding on with it, it’s going to take me months to get it sorted!! I’ve had great feedback about it all and even got a write-up on St. Angela’s College website.  Life outside the website carries on as normal, taxi driving the kids around…but it gets me out and about. The photo above is Sligo town taken from Gallows Hill.

1-IMG_0552Last week I headed to Strandhill. Andy got me a Voya voucher for Christmas so I went for a seaweed bath.

1-IMG_7771It was lovely and relaxing, I took my book with me and just chilled out 🙂 The seaweed makes your skin so lovely and soft, I’d love to have a seaweed bath at least once a week.

1-IMG_7772Afterwards it was lovely to walk along the beach and watch the one lone surfer out there.



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  1. Dear Lady,
    You must share your wonderful pictures with the rest of the world. Co. Sligo would share in an influx of tourist if your pictures were published in the USA.
    From Conway’s Cross

  2. That’s brilliant that St. Angela’s gave you and the new Sligo Secrets website a mention! Well done – and that’s only the beginning…you’re going to get lots of ‘traffic’ on it in a very short time from now, I predict. 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to do the seaweed bath thing. The one in Strandhill is so tempting, too. And any excuse/reason for me to get myself over to Strandhill is always welcomed. There’s just something so magical about Strandhill (and Knocknarea) and the surrounding area. How I’d love to live that close to the sea.

      1. I’m delighted for you that you’ve gotten so many hits – absolutely brilliant. Your love of Sligo is so clearly expressed in every blog post and every photograph, that it’s no wonder at all to me (or to anyone who’s been to your blog before Sligo Secrets came into being) that you’re generating such a great response. )

        I’ve definitely got to do the seaweed bath thing…it just sounds so relaxing and revitalising. And what a perfect location for it, as well.

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