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3083944207_cfd0c3c520_bI’ve been busy working on a new website. This blog is very jumbled and hard for people to find information about Sligo because I ramble so much 😉 so Sligo Secrets is a site that will be all about things to do in Sligo (and hopefully in time surrounding areas), it’s very much a work in progress as I had no idea how time consuming it would be but anyway if you want to have a look at it so far it’s here.

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  1. I really like what you have compiled so far. It is easy to navigate and of course the pics are stunning. Best of luck with it. You should be on the payroll of Sligo Tourism!

  2. Thinking of Sligo Tourism – they have nothing on the prehistory of Sligo – I asked. If you have a mail address I could send you on some information about Sligo with references and links for further investigations, etc.

  3. Your site looks great! I like it, brings back memories of when I visited Sligo.
    Also showed me some new things to discover when I come back to Sligo, hopefully this summer

  4. Although you say it’s only in the early stages, it looks brilliant already, Val. Fair play and well done. You and your blog have been my go-to place, first and foremost, to find out what cool stuff is happening in and around Sligo – this is a wonderful idea and excellent resource for both locals and tourists. If I have any interesting events happening here in south Sligo, I’ll be sure to send them your way.

    ps – And thanks very, very much for including that photo of my plaques and my stall at the Ben Bulben market! 🙂

      1. We met at the Christmas fair at the Clarion a couple of years back and I designed a plaque for you for Philmar House. 🙂 I remember how beautiful it was when you took us inside for a little tour. Rosses Point is yet another beautiful gem that’s part of Sligo’s magic.

      2. It must have been my mother Mary that you met. I’ll tell her you were asking for her! 🙂 you cannot beat Rosses Point on a sunny day, like all of Sligo 🙂

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