Sligo Secrets is back

I have missed a few events and happenings in Sligo over the summer so I've decided to bring back Sligo Secrets as I'm sure I'm not the only one who have missed things that they would have liked to attend. It's just in the form of a Facebook page at the moment and not the... Continue Reading →

So Long Sligo Secrets

Some of you will know that I started a website at the end of last year called Sligo Secrets. It was a site to let people know what was going on in County Sligo and it's been doing very well but the domain is up soon and as I've been funding it myself and doing... Continue Reading →

Sligo-Secrets on Irish TV

I blogged before about being filmed for Irish TV, a new channel on Sky. Well the show went out yesterday, I would have let you know but I only found out when I put channel 191 on and there I was! I could tell I was nervous and I never realised my teeth looked so... Continue Reading →

Sligo and seaweed

Thanks so much for the kind words about the Sligo-Secrets site. I'm still plodding on with it, it's going to take me months to get it sorted!! I've had great feedback about it all and even got a write-up on St. Angela's College website.  Life outside the website carries on as normal, taxi driving the... Continue Reading →

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