Santa Charity Cycle

IMG_6703Today I went along to a brilliant event that started at the IT Sligo. The Innisfree Wheelers Cycling Club organised a Santa Charity Cycle in aid of the Lions Club Christmas Food Appeal.

IMG_6740100 cyclists dressed as Santas, elves, reindeers and all things connected with Christmas took to their cycles and made their way around Lough Gill which is a 40km route from Sligo through Leitrim and back to Sligo again.

IMG_6682Even the vehicles got into the spirit of the event!

IMG_6709There was a lovely atmosphere at the event and nice to see sunny smiles on an otherwise dull day.

IMG_6699There was also an anti-fracking letter to Santa.

IMG_6790Even the spectators got into the spirit of things. The rest of my photos are here.

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  1. Good on ye and fair play to all who took part in this charity cycle. 40km is quite impressive! And that ‘no fracking’ letter to Santy was an excellent idea. Great vids, too. Thanks for this, Val. You always ‘report’ on such excellent goings-on in and around Sligo – I think one of the dailies should hire you as a ‘roving reporter/photo journalist.’ 🙂

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