The Clarion Hotel, Sligo


I recently stayed in The Clarion Hotel, Sligo (now The Clayton Hotel, as of December 2016) and I have to say it’s a really lovely place. What I liked a lot about the hotel is how close it is to all the local amenities.  It’s handy for Sligo town, it takes about 10-15 minutes to walk there. It’s also around 10 minutes from the bus/train station. If you fancy a trip to the beach it will only take you about 10 minutes to drive there, or you can catch a bus from the station. This makes it a great place to stay if you’re on holiday, or simply taking a weekend break. The hotel is also near to the town’s Institute of Technology, which made it an ideal place to stay for the recent Sligo Live concerts.

The hotel was built in 1848 though it has been restored. The hotel boasts a modern, relaxing interior while still keeping the character of the building from the past.



There is a beautifully converted chapel (Canis Major) on the grounds , I love the spire above.  The chapel can hold civil ceremonies….what a beautiful place to get married. “From the small intimate reception to the larger, more traditional banquet, Clarion Hotel Sligo can cater for weddings for up to 350 guests.” The hotel is a very popular place for weddings, and I can see why. If you fancy a spot of golf the hotel also has a mini golf course on the grounds. Alternatively if you’re on a business trip the hotel also offers spacious conference rooms for meetings.

DSCF9739The reception area has recently been refurbished and it looks beautiful…..all that’s missing are some of my photos 😉 As soon as you walk in you can tell you’re going to enjoy your stay – the free WiFi in the reception and the rooms make it even better. The decor is welcoming and not too overpowering. The hotel also boasts a wonderful leisure centre and gym (I’m a member myself and find it great for Jono’s physiotherapy). I especially enjoy the jacuzzi – even more when the Sligo Rovers players are in there 😉 If you want to relax the hotel’s Essence Spa is perfect, offering all your usual beauty treatments with a luxurious touch. We didn’t eat in the hotel but the restaurant looks lovely and I’ve heard great reviews about it.



Now on to the rooms. There are a range of different rooms to choose from, whether you’re on a family break, a couple or even just on your own. If you have the kids with you, you can even hire out a tent so they can camp in the room! The beds are comfortable, there’s plenty of room and most rooms have kitchen amenities such as a microwave and fridge, so you can feel at home. We all had a great sleep here; the hotel was quiet and comfortable and I wanted to stay in the bed all day. There’s also plenty of closet space in the rooms so if you have a lot of clothes (or just a lot of crap) you won’t have any problem fitting it all in 😉 Hopefully I’ll be back to visit the hotel again soon as I really enjoyed my visit.



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  1. Great photos Val. I have stayed there before and have always enjoyed my stay. I don’t think it is unfair to mention that this place was once a house of horrors for some of the people who were placed there when it was known as a “lunatic asylum.” I used to go in there when it was derelict and boarded up and it would give one chills. Only during the “Celtic Tiger” could a place of such sadness and anguish be turned into such an opulent hotel. Your photos really make me appreciate the hotel even more as I think how far we have come. Thank you.

  2. Hubby and I had an overnight with some friends back n the Spring. Lovely hotel but really busy with kids groups when we stayed so a bit noisy. Restaurant food was ok but not outstanding. Rooms fab. Would love to take my two boys for a weekend to enjoy all the facilities. And we encountered no ghostly goings on…..

  3. I’ve been in the Canis Major many times over the past few years when I was setting up my craft stall there for their annual Christmas craft fair.It’s a beautiful venue for any event.

    Although I’ve never stayed in the hotel itself, I have met friends there for either coffee or dinner, and I agree, it’s got a lovely, comfy, friendly and welcoming vibe about it that makes you just want to stay and enjoy yourself there for the whole afternoon (or evening).

  4. I stayed there during my last trip to Sligo in September. Val told me they have a room they never use as it’s said to be haunted. The last night before my departure, the TV switched on on its won…, TWICE! And the remote controller was far from me, so I couldn’t be responsible for it. Never mind… if they were the ghosts saying goodbye to me, they were welcome 😉

  5. Hi just read your post and I have returned from a night in the clarion Sligo. Just like you described the TV switched on by itself twice and no one was near the remote….

  6. Just came back from the Clarion and wanted to add that the exact same thing happened to me as happened to poster above. TV came on by itself at 2.55 in the morning and then a couple of minutes later. We were fast asleep and the remote was sitting on the locker beside me. Freaked me out quite a bit.

  7. I,m just arrived here and would like to stay in the haunted room,although there was no TV in the 19th century and certainly no remote controls

  8. My son said that he was woken up with cills like goose bumps. He woke up and saw a prematurely aged child standing in the corner with his head close cropped (like “one of those Irish skin heads”) almost bald with a buttonless grey pull over shirt that went down to mid thighs. The closest person he could compare it to was the child aged character in the Benjamin Button movie. He watched it for about 3 seconds until he just pulled the covers over his head and waited for 5-6 seconds then peeked out and it was gone. He just now, 6 years later, relates the incident because he was afraid to tell anyone at the time for fear that we would think he was crazy. He says that he believes in ghosts ever since. He was sure it wasn’t a dream, because he pinched himself. We stayed in a second story in the far left (if one was facing the hotel) that overlooked a parking lot. It was an unusually large, seemingly unfinished room divided by a wall and where one would have assumed a door should be placed but wasn’t. He, to this day, swears it really happened.

  9. we stayed there for the halloween break.and have to say was a very relaxing stay.the staff are super every one of ,gym ,pool,and the cinema and disco for the kids were all great.and have to say again top marks to the staff.

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