Samhain Sunrise at Carrowmore

WaitingI must have taken leave of my senses this morning when I got up at 6am to head to Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery to see the sunrise.  It was part of the Sligo Samhain Festival and there was a great turn out for the event, we got to hear all about Carrowmore and even got a breakfast of tea, coffee, scones and sausage rolls.

DSCF0701Samhain means Summers End and is also the start of Winter, it falls on November 1st.  On this date the sun rises from a ‘saddle’ in the Ballygawley mountains,a low mountain which is an extension of the Ox Mountains.  The sun rises directly in line with the direction of the chamber of Listoghil (Tomb 51) at Carrowmore.

DSCF0714The sky was amazing leading up to the sunrise, if you can see the telegraph pole in the photo below (goodness knows why there is one there!!!) you can just about see the ‘saddle’ to the right where the sun rises on November 1st and also again on February 9th/10th, it lights up the inside of the chamber and it’s wonderful to see the light and the shadows.  Sadly today this wasn’t the case as just as the sun started to rise it ended up behind the clouds.

DSCF0735It would have been wonderful to see if the clouds didn’t block the way.

DSCF0745It was wonderful to see as much as we did though and it stayed dry which in Ireland is always a bonus…and I didn’t fall over…again another bonus.  Well done to all involved for organising a great event and there is still a lot to come over the weekend as part of the Sligo Samhain Festival including a ‘Shin dig’ tonight at Dolly’s Cottage and a family fun day tomorrow in Strandhill.

DSCF0793You can see the rest of my photos here.

12 thoughts on “Samhain Sunrise at Carrowmore

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  1. Fantastic! I think the bit of cloud adds to the drama in your images. Beautiful and fairplay for getting up at the crack of dawn.

  2. Carrowmore and Knocknarea, like Ben Bulben, are truly magical, mystical and beautiful. Would’ve loved to have been there at Samhain sunrise. Absolutely stunning photos, Val.

  3. Cannot believe I grew up in Sligo and didn’t hear about Carrowmore site until last year! It is on our ‘must visit’ list sometime soon. Lovely pics.

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