Foggy Lough GillYes I know that’s the worst title for a blog post ever but I’m lacking inspiration at the moment.Β  The photo above was Lough Gill yesterday morning.

Parke's CastleFurther along the lake this is Parke’s Castle.

Hazelwood Ten minutes later this was Hazelwood Forest, you can still see the fog through the trees.

Halfmoon BayHalfmoon Bay above is also in Hazelwood. I think the fog makes very atmospheric photos.

Holy WellBack to today, a rainy dull old day but between showers I headed to the Holy Well. I’m back to the Fuji camera now since the Canon had to go back so I don’t have the flexibility with the aperture now. The minimum the fuji goes to is f/11, the Canon was f/22. I’m shocking for never using a tripod as well so I had to lean the camera on a rock to try to keep it steady, it worked for the photo above but not so well on the photo below.

The Holy Well

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  1. Your awesome photos show locations I would like to be. ‘Weather’ is an excellent title for this post as Bespoke Traveler already mentioned. If I hadn’t already followed your blog – I certainly would as of now. πŸ™‚

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