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I know I've posted before about my snowy photo that went viral. Well the Sligo Champion did a brilliant article about it and about me 🙂 They said I was like a one-woman tourist board for Sligo. You can read the full article here. I'm happy to highlight the beauty we have here in Sligo.... Continue Reading →


Yes I know that's the worst title for a blog post ever but I'm lacking inspiration at the moment.  The photo above was Lough Gill yesterday morning. Further along the lake this is Parke's Castle. Ten minutes later this was Hazelwood Forest, you can still see the fog through the trees. Halfmoon Bay above is... Continue Reading →

Water and nature

I was delighted to find out that my photo was a runner-up in the Biodiversity week 'water and nature' competition that was run by the Irish Environmental Network. It was 'Highly Commended' 🙂 I was asked on my blog page what lens I used for this photo. I don't own a DSLR mainly because I... Continue Reading →

Eagles Flying ….again

I know I've done several blogs about Eagles Flying but it really is one of my favourite places in Sligo. This time I went with friends who had never been before, they were blown away by the place. I was testing a different camera. This one is a Fuji HS10. It has a massive 30x... Continue Reading →

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