Strokestown Park

IMG_7984This week I had one of the best visits I’ve had in a while.  It’s taken me days to go through the photos because I took so many and also because it’s such a big place.  I headed to Strokestown Park in Roscommon and got to meet John O’Driscoll the director of the park, he’s such a friendly and charismatic person, it was a pleasure to meet him.

Strokestown HouseI’m going to do a few blogs about Strokestown Park because I heard and saw so much, it’s just too much to fit into one blog.  The park consists of the house, which featured in the tv programme ‘The Big House’ on TV3…you can see the trailer of it here.

IMG_8022Also there are the beautiful gardens, which I loved walking around. The blog post is here.

IMG_8271Strokestown Park is also home to The National Famine Museum, again this will be another blog.

Woodland WalkFinally there is the Woodland Walk which will be another blog! I think this is the most extensive place I’ve been to….hence all the blogs.  You could easily spend the day at Strokestown Park, there’s also a wonderful restaurant and shop.  The restaurant does snacks and full lunches.  I had some lovely homemade soup and Guinness bread.  You can see all my photos from my day here.

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