Strokestown Park -the gardens

IMG_7985I love gardens and Strokestown Park gardens are very beautiful.  They remind me a bit of Lissadell House gardens (Lissadell is now closed to the public).

IMG_8006I was delighted to have the Canon 100D with me that Canon Ireland have lent me.  I’m very pleased with the results, it’s a fantastic camera.

IMG_7986There are so many hidden places in the garden, it was great fun exploring it. It was just so peaceful wandering around, like being in another world.

IMG_8010The tractor is from the 1950’s and is still in use, I actually saw it in action.  The gardens grow fruit, vegetables and herbs which are all used in the restaurant.

IMG_8359Broom Hilda is there to welcome visitors…she doesn’t say much though! I wonder if she joins in with the croquet club which takes place every Wednesday morning and is free of charge.

IMG_8403IMG_8404The Glass houses were built in 1780 by James O Donnell they are believed to be the oldest restored Glass-house range in Ireland.  The hole in the ground you can see in the photo above is the cross-section of what was thought to be a pineapple house from the 1700’s….imagine that pineapples in Ireland in the 1700’s!

IMG_8355There are moorhens nesting in the pond above but I didn’t get to see them.  I could go on for a week posting photos…but I’ll run out of blog space! The rest of my photos from the day are here.


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  1. Great to see these and also the ones of the house. I actually stayed there many years ago when friends were living there as caretakers. Think I may have slept in one of the four poster beds! It was before the gardens were restored – must go back again some time.

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