a-to-z-letters-kThanks to Gina from twitter for suggesting Knocknarea as my K. I had a complete block and couldn’t think of anything! As I was in the dentist today these are old photos but I hope you like them.

KnocknareaKnocknarea is a 327 metre high mountain which is near Strandhill in Sligo. It’s a lovely walk up it and the views from the top are stunning, you can see all over Sligo.

Queen Maeve's CairnAt the top of the mountain is Queen Maeve’s Cairn. Legend has it that you should take a stone up the mountain with you to leave for Queen Maeve, it’s meant to bring good luck. It’s also said it’s bad luck to climb up the cairn itself but these people obviously didn’t hear that.

Knocknarea and Carrowmore TombsThe photo above is Knocknarea seen from Carrowmore Tombs.

View from KnocknareaThis is the view from the top of Knocknarea. You can see Strandhill airport and Coney Island.

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    1. Thanks Gerry, yes it is well signposted. If you head for Strandhill you’ll see the signs for Knocknarea. There is a carpark at the bottom of the walk and you just head up the mountain, it takes aroun 40 minutes eachway.

      1. Thank you for the prompt reply, Looking forward to doing that some good Sunday afternoon, much too windy for that type of walk today

      2. It certainly is and bear in mind that it’s always windier up the mountain (I always forget that!) It’s great if you get a clear day, you’ll be able to see all over Sligo. Nice to pop to Strandhill afterwards to either Shells or The Strand for a warm up 🙂

  1. Forty minutes walking each way is optimistic!
    Coming down puts strain on the thighs even if lungs manage the ascent.
    It was the boyhood playground of my grandfather born 1888 but it was
    not until 2018 that I reached the summit.

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