A catch up

Horse in the mistIt’s a day off the A to Z blogging challenge today so just a couple of things I have to tell you. I probably mentioned already that the photo above came 4th in the Irish Met Society competition of 2012. Well I got the prize during the week, it’s a really cool Galileo Thermometer. I’ve always wanted one of those so I’m delighted.

Jumble sale

The other thing I have to tell you is how much money was raised from the Sligo animal charities jumble sale. The sale was very well supported, by donations, volunteers and customers, and the end result was that we raised 1943 euro! This has been divided between the three charities (Sligo Animal Rescue, Kath’s Kitty Corner and the Sathya Sai Sanctuary), and 100 each has also been given to Little Wings bird sanctuary in Banada, and Maureen Scanlon’s independent dog and cat rescue efforts in Gurteen. Thanks so much to everyone who helped and to Diane and Steve for organising it.

Shells Little ShopYesterday we went to visit Shells Little Shop in Strandhill, they’ve opened it right next-door to their wonderful cafe. It’s a great little place, Lucy said it’s like a mini Urban Outfitters. There are all kinds of cool and quirky gift ideas as well as some wonderful food. What more could you want? Best of luck to them, I hope it does really well.


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  1. Well done you on winning the very cool Galileo thermometer. And well done to you and to everyone who donated, participated/volunteered and also went and purchased goodies from the jumble sale last weekend (the one I wished I could’ve gone to and helped out at, but was too sick to even get out of bed last week). That’s quite a good amount of money raised for all the animal charities. When’s the next one?

    Cannot wait to check out the new Little Shop! I’d read about it via Sligo Events last week, and I’ve been chomping at the bit, wanting to go – first there, and then, of course, to the cafe. My favourite two places in Sligo to have a great meal are Shells and Hargadon’s in Sligo town. Both have amazing chefs, wonderful and delicious food (and desserts!), and excellent prices. We’re hoping to get to Strandhill next weekend, and hopefully, the new shop will be open on both Saturday and Sunday.
    I wish them all the very best, too. Strandhill is such a brilliant place, any time of year, to visit and to enjoy. Having this foodie/gift shop is the perfect addition, and another great reason to visit beautiful Strandhill.

    1. Sorry to hear you were ill June, over Easter as well đŸ˜¦ Hope you are better now.

      The Little Shop is great and was open this weekend so I’m sure it will be next weekend too. Shells food is fab especially the fish and chips!

      Not sure when the next jumble sale will be but I’ll post when I know. It’s getting harder now without a place to store the things and also finding somewhere to hold them.

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