a-to-z-letters-fToday’s letter in the Blogging from A to Z challenge is F. So my F is fields. Living in Sligo, Ireland we are surrounded by them and you never know what you’ll find in them.

CowsYes there are the usually farm animals, today though I found a church in the middle of a field.

In a country churchyardNow I would have gone in to explore but this sign put me off a bit! I had visions of me and Rocket-dog flying though the field chased by a mad bull!

That's no bull!So we carried on walking and in the next field we saw this little cottage.

Derelict cottageThere are so many abandoned cottages all over the place, it’s sad really when you think of the families that would have lived there…anyway onto brighter things.

SunriseF is also for fabulous and it was a fabulous morning! I had to get up at 6am to leave my son to the station as he was going to Dublin (it’s three hours from here). So after he got on the train myself and the dog headed to the beach. We did the beach walk one way and the field walk on the way back. He’s flipping tired now…another F 😉

FlowerAnother F = Flower. These little flowers were growing in one of the derelict cottages we saw. 🙂

FiresOne last F is for fire. There have been a lot of forest fires recently here in Ireland. This one was just up the lane from us. I hope it goes out soon. It’s sad to think of the wildlife that may be there.

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  1. These are amazing photos – I have to ask what kind of camera you have, as we want to get a new one before we visit your country later this year. Is it a DSLR, or DSLR-like? Any tips for our purchase?

    1. Thanks Susan. I always say it’s not what camera you use it’s how you use it. Some of my photos are taken on my iPhone 4s and the others a Fuji HS10. I don’t have a DSLR but the fuji has a lot of manual settings and a big zoom. Although to tell the truth the phone is just as good!

      1. Oh how I long to tour Europe and the United Kingdom. My sister’s sister in-laws are going to Ireland in a couple of weeks (for the 2nd time) and I’m so jealous!

  2. Love seing your photos Val, we wander the same old places!! But there are so many differences too, in the landscapes and the way you see it, I especially love the romance in some of those captures! Brilliant idea doing the challenge, not sure how you find the time, but keep finding it!! And many thanks for you kind comment:~)))

    1. Thanks Catherine. It’s nice looking at things in a different way 🙂 As for the challenge, I blog a lot anyway so I thought I’d give it a try.

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