There’s Nobody Home

EmptyI was out and about during the week and found this old house. There are so many houses and cottages like this all over Ireland, it’s a real shame they’ve just been left when there are so many people homeless.

A chair beside the rangeI’d say this was once a cosy home, with the chair beside the range. The range was probably used to cook with as well as heating the house.

Another suitcase in another hallThe person must have left in a hurry without their suitcase and only one shoe.

A lone shoeNature's curtainsI do like the curtains though, very natural šŸ˜‰

Kitchen tilesThe kitchen could do with some new tiles and maybe a carpet for the stairs.


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      1. I’ve just spotted your blog looking in Google for old Irish derelict houses. Though we live in England, my husband’s family lives there and whenever we go to visit I end up with the same feeling of solitude, melancholy and desolation. It breaks my heart to think about the lives that once populated those now empty places, especially when I can see newly builds nearby.

  1. I live in Canada, Years ago not far from where I live there stood a big old stone house abandonded like the one in the photo Well someone bought and fixed it up We sure houses left to fall down We also see a lot of farm buildings left to fall down

  2. If only walls could talk! I’d love to be able to wander around such places – none in London though and even if there were they’d be all boarded and secured up to prevent squatting!

  3. This poor old abandoned house looks so much like two around our way. It is truly such a sad shame to see them in this condition…neglected, abanoned, just left to wither and rot. I see so much potential in these photos you’ve taken of this particular house, Val – you’re right, in that it probably was a very cozy, comfortable and lovely home when it was occupied and loved. If I won the lottery (ya never know!), I’d buy a few of these once-upon-a-time beauties and do my best to restore them, and then maybe open them up as either shops, cafes, B&Bs, or artists’ studios/retreats. And, if there was a house with a lot of land all around it, and not anywhere near any main roads, I’d love to open an animal sanctuary, or even a cattery (there aren’t enough of those in Ireland) for homeless/abandoned and rescue animals.

    It’s heartbreaking to see so many of these houses scattered all over the country. All it’d take (besides some money, of course) is TLC and time to bring them back to their former beauty and glory.

    1. I agree June, so much could be done with them if one had the money….also if you could find out who owned them. A lot of the owners have died or moved away and no one seems to know who owns them.

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