Happy Easter

Happy EasterI hope you all have a lovely day, however you choose to spend it. I also hope you remembered to put your clocks forward. Judging by the weather it seems more like Autumn than Spring, unfortunately no one put Rocket-dogs clock forward so we were up at the usual early time. The photo above was taken on Thursday when I went off wandering, I’ll do a blog post about that another time.

Eggs!The kids have decided they want an Easter egg hunt this year! It’s blowing a gale outside though so it might have to be an indoor one.

Jumble saleThe jumble sale in aid of the Sligo animal charities was yesterday and the place was packed. I don’t know how much money was raised yet but I’ll let you know when I do. It was nice to see some people come in and spend almost the whole day there just browsing and chatting. There are some very friendly people about…there are also some strange ones! Lucy and I were handing out flyers and a man said ‘Lovely stockings’ to Lucy. I didn’t know what to say and he turned to me and said ‘Lovely eyes!’. Jaysus! I was trying to morph into the wall because he was getting very close!

The Shadow of a GunmanI went to see The Shadow of a Gunman performed by the County Sligo Youth Theatre on Thursday night and it was excellent. There are some really talented young actors there. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see some of them on the TV in the future. Well done to them all. Funny thing was when I was watching the play I remembered learning it when there was a drama club in the village years and years ago!

Have a good day everyone….and if you have any spare Easter eggs you know where I am 😉

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  1. Happy Easter, dear Val and family. I really like the daffodils in front of the celtic cross. Amazing photo!!!!

  2. Wonderful photos, Val. Especially the first one of the Celtic cross against the daffs, growing wild and free. So beautiful! And those eggs! Oh…those colours and all that gorgeous chocolate!

    Glad that you enjoyed such a beautiful and lovely Easter, beginning with the play at Hawk’s Well and also at the charity jumble sale. I wish I could’ve been at both of those – as I’d planned to. Unfortunately, the nasty bug that got me a couple of weeks back decided to return and ‘bug’ me once again – I didn’t get to Dublin as we’d planned…didn’t get to see ‘Shadow of a Gunman’ as I’d wanted to, and most of all, didn’t get to the jumble sale – I wanted to bring in some baked goodies and some stuff to sell for the charities, but as poorly as I’d been feeling, I couldn’t even make it out of bed, let alone to go to the jumble sale if only just to buy something to help the cause. Feeling better now, but it’d have been nicer if I’d have felt better before the weekend came and went…:(

    I’m delighted that there was such a huge turn out for it, though. That’s wonderful news. Will there be another one (or two or three) coming up in the months ahead? I hope so.

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