Car Insurance – A Rant

I’ve been driving since just before I turned 18. Passed my driving test first time. Haven’t got any penalty points, drive a 9-year-old car. Don’t do much mileage and never had a claim.

So why is my car insurance so expensive? say comprehensive car insurance from €203. Who gets a quote this low? A mouse on a skateboard? Or a nun on a Honda 50? They quoted me €379!

I used to be told my insurance would be cheaper when I was over 20, over 30, over 40… what?

Rant over!


6 thoughts on “Car Insurance – A Rant

  1. craftysorcha says:

    Some court found that the fact that young men were charged more for car insurance was discriminatory. So instead of reducing men’s insurance, they have increased women’s! This is why your quotes don’t get cheaper.

  2. Grandad (@headrambles) says:

    Hah! I have been with the same company since ’71 [they even remind me of the fact on their renewal letters]. Never had a claim and do a very low mileage. Every year I have to go through the hoops negotiating reductions. It is worth while trying a bit of haggling and I usually manage to get them to knock a bit off. You would still think I was driving 100,000 miles a year in a Farrari though if you saw my premiums!

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