Sligo happenings

Cemetery Road IMG_9293 IMG_9294 IMG_9295 IMG_9296Just a few Sligo happenings. The first is what the hell have they done to Cemetery Road! There are white lines all over the place. They haven’t even got rid of the old lines properly, also how a car is meant to fit in between the cycle lane and the middle of the road is beyond me! Let me know what you think.

IMG_9273The Food Centre have relocated to Cleveragh Retail Park, next to Expert Electrical and Argos. We went along to the opening on Friday, there was lovely free food and drink 🙂

Food CentreIt’s a great big store now with loads of choice, including gluten-free products. Most of the things are catering size so it’s not much good if you have a small freezer. I’d love if they could get in smaller packs of frozen food. They have loads of products for sale and it’s great to be able to get mini kievs there because I haven’t been able to find them down here before.

Government gnomes

I like the window display that Atlantic Lock and Key have. It’s funny to see the Irish government portrayed as gnomes.

Sad to see the Village Food Fayre in Collooney have closed down. The Gourmet Parlour coffee shop is still open so that’s something. The food fayre was a handy shop although some of the products were expensive.


13 thoughts on “Sligo happenings

  1. june says:

    Jaysus – Cemetery Road looks like one big confused mess of white lines. Ridiculous, and very confusing. As if Sligo doesn’t have enough white lines, painted and re-painted.

    I like those gnomes – that’s pretty much what our government is made up of – silly gnomes!

    The Food Fayre has closed down?! I knew about the Roundabout Gallery upstairs relocating (and hopefully re-opening soon), but I’m surprised that Food Fayre has also closed down. So…that just leaves the Gourmet Parlour coffee shop all on its lonesome in that huge building? Maybe the Food Fayre could sort of hook up with the new Food Centre. Definitely have to check that out.

    Most importantly today, though, is to wish you and all the other mums and mammies out there a very happy Mother’s Day. Hope you all got special treatment (and a special day and meal out) today or this evening.

    • magnumlady says:

      Thanks June. I wasn’t going to mention the ‘M’ Day word as the internet is full of it 😉
      The food fayre closed down last week.
      I think the gnomes could do a better job!…and the white lines just prove the point.

      • june says:

        Ooops! Sorry, then, for mentioning the ‘M word,’ 🙂 Yeah, I know the interwebs are overloaded with it, but I couldn’t help myself.

        Any idea why the Food Fayre closed down? Anything else coming in that vacated space, I wonder?

      • june says:

        Ahhh…that’s what I was thinking of, then. I’ve never been in the one in town, so I wasn’t sure. Speaking of restaurants in Sligo town, exactly how many Bistro Bianconi’s are there now? Three (with that new one – well, sort of new – in the ‘Italian Quarter,’ near A Casa Mia and Gulliver’s. I love Bistro Bianconi’s food – especially their pizzas and their chicken caesar salads. Yum!

      • magnumlady says:

        There’s only one Bistro now. The one up the High Street closed down recently. The one on O’Connell Street relocated to Tobergal Lane. Last time I was in the Bistro I wasn’t that impressed.
        Quite impressed with A Casa Mia though (except the large table in the middle which makes me feel like I’m back at school!)

  2. TheQ47 says:

    The new lines on Cemetary Road are very confusing, however…

    A Cycle track with a broken white line like those on Cemetary road (instead of a solid line) is called a “non-mandatory cycle track”, and can legally be driven on by cars, and even parked in (for no longer than 30 minutes) when loadong or unloading, provided there is no alternative parking available nearby.

    So, the width or otherwise of the track doesn’t matter, as car drivers can use it, as you must stay on the left of the broken white line down the centre of the road.

    Doesn’t mean it’s not confusing, though.

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