A busy week

SunriseWell it’s been a busy week with a lot going on, an enjoyable one though. Last weekend I went to the cinema with Lucy while Jono went with his friend. We went to see Parental Guidance only because there wasn’t a whole lot on except The Hobbit which we didn’t fancy or Miserable Lesbians as Lucy calls it…you can work out the proper title for yourself! 😉 Anyway the film was OK, quite amazing especially when Lucy’s drink exploded! I did wonder at the man who walked in mid-way through the film and left two little girls on their own…I’d say they were no more than 5 years old, of course they didn’t sit still but I was more concerned that anything could have happened to them, you live and learn.

Horse in the mistAlso this week I had to have a blood test to see if I have arthritis (I don’t think I do), plus the Flash mob rehearsal, volunteering and my art class. I took in some of my photos and the teacher told me to have a try at painting the photo above. I’m failing trying 😉 I also got an email from the Environmental Protection Agency to say they’ve used the photo in their climate change report.

Full HouseOn Friday was the Sligo Animal Rescue quiz. The place was packed which was great to see and a grand total of €1074 was raised. I must remember never to enter Mastermind as I only knew a few answers! As Larry Gogan would say ‘they just didn’t suit me!’.

Walk/runToday was a 5km fun walk/run in aid of the Irish Cancer Society’s Shave or Dye campaign. There was a great turn out and the rain mostly held off. I did the walk….there’s no way I can run, it hurts my teeth!!

So that was this week….I wonder what next week will bring.

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  1. Wow, Val! You *have* had quite a busy week. Most of it enjoyable and fun, which is always a plus. I love that photo – how cool that the EPA is using it! Brilliant that the pub quiz was packed and especially that it raised as much money as it did. You must be quite knackered today, after the charity run / walk. Good on ye for doing all you do, Val. And go on – show us your painting!

      1. Yes, I know that feeling all too well, unfortunately. I try to walk every day – even if it’s just a half hour or so – but running and my knees/knee joints definitely do not get on well. Fair play to you, though, for doing the run/walk in the first place – running it or walking it, as Damien Dempsey sings, ‘it’s all good…’ (love that song!).

        Looking forward to seeing your painting – which I’m sure looks great, regardless of you thinking it isn’t. We all can be our own worst critics, y/know.

      1. I smile every single time I read those words – ‘Rocket-dog’. Is that his real name, or is it his nickname? He’s adorable, by the way.

        Go easy on the dancing, though. Especially after this past weekend’s activities. Still, fair play to ye!

      1. Rocket-dog Arthur Biscuit! Love it! One of our cats has been given the nickname
        ‘C Bats.’ Don’t ask, lol.

        And I definitely think he’d love to have his own Facebook page. In fact, I’m surprised he hasn’t demanded it of us by this stage.

      2. It’s a very silly name for a very silly, but adorable pussycat. He even answers to ‘C Bats’ when we call him that every now and again.

  2. Don’t lie, Val, you did run a bit of the course yesterday, I saw you running ahead of me at around the 3km mark, down that hill coming in by Rathosey. You beat me anyway! It was a good walk, though, wasn’t it, and I believe around 160 people completed it, which was great.

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