Snow and Speedos

Snowy SligoI woke this morning to snow, it wasn’t too bad when I walked the dog but by the time I was ready to drive the kids to their courses it had settled quite a lot on our lane. Thankfully by the time we got into Sligo it was almost all gone, so only a small bit down by the river.

Tuesday is a busy day, it’s one of the days I volunteer and I really enjoy it. If you have any spare time it might be something you’d consider doing. I find it keeps my mind active and it’s great to meet new people and give something back as well. The Sligo Volunteer Centre’s Facebook page is here.

I picked up Jono early and took him to the swimming pool. He does his physio there twice a week to help his back. He really enjoys it, especially the time he gets to spend in the jacuzzi afterwards. Today though I was slightly put off by a man in speedos. Now not only was he in speedos but they were inside out and they were bright yellow….to make matters worse they went invisible in the water so when he got out of the pool all was revealed, if you get my drift! I did remember I needed to buy bananas though! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Before you think I was sad enough to take a photo, this is one I found on the internet….the actual trunks were much, much skimpier than these.



10 thoughts on “Snow and Speedos

  1. Susan Cloonan (@susancloonan) says:

    This is why I wear really dark shades and bury my noise in a BOOK on holidays! I never know where to look when Iโ€™m beside the pool. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Iโ€™m not sure the shades would work though if those yellow yokes were thrust in my line of sight! Crikeyโ€ฆ..

  2. June says:

    I laughed so hard while reading (and then re-reading) this blog post that tears were rolling down my face! Hilarious! Especially your comment about remembering to get some bananas! And then, as if that didn’t have me chuckling – literally out loud – when you added the photo you found via an internet search for yellow Speedos! Oh….my…goodness…What is it with certain men and the Speedos thing?

    Aside from that, though, and on a more serious note, yes, I’ve often considered doing some volunteer work. I’d really like to help out at an animal shelter or SSPCA, and also maybe at a hospice (like Northwest Hospice, for example). I admire you and have a lot of respect for you for your generosity, Val.

    I’m hoping to make time or manage my time better this year, to volunteer and give back to the community, even if it’s only in a small way.

    Thanks for sharing, Val. And thanks for the giggles. I just re-read the post (for the fourth time) and I’m still smiling and grinning at the siliness of that man…there are some things that we wish we could un-see…and this was definitely one of those things for you, I’ve no doubt.

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