Nature Walk by Birdwatch Ireland

There was a great turn out today for the Nature walk by Birdwatch Ireland (Sligo branch). My thanks to the organisers for a very interesting walk around the Sligo IT. It was held as part of Science Week.

Unfortunately most of the birds and animals didn’t oblige us (although we did see blackbirds and pied wagtails.)

My thanks to Oliver for taking the photo above and the one at the top of the page.

It was amazing to hear about the otter and kingfisher that visit the IT. As well as Curlews and many other birds, I really wouldn’t have thought it because it’s such a busy place. I will go back another day to see if I spot anything. Anyway to echo Blue Peter here are some birds I spotted earlier.

Above is a Jay that I spotted in the back garden during the couple of cold winters we’ve had.

You all know what a robin is, they are regular visits to the garden. I will keep looking for birds, there are some great photos of Waxwings on BirdWatch Sligo. 

It was great listening to the guys from Birdwatch and also Nature Learn. I look forward to next years Science Week.


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