Sligo Walks


It was a very proud day for me today. I got a call during the summer from Sligo County Council saying they had seen my photos and wanted to use some for a website they were launching. So of course I was delighted and volunteered my photos for the site.


Anyway today was the launch day for the website Sligo walks. I think it’s a great site and although I knew a lot of the walks there are quite a few I haven’t been on so I’ll look forward to trying them out. I was like a proud mammy watching my photos on the big screen at the launch and also seeing them on the official website. Well done to all involved for a brilliant website.


12 thoughts on “Sligo Walks

  1. eislilly says:

    Good Morning from Germany Val.Congratulations on your amazing photos used by Sligo walks! I like them all very much! Can’t wait visiting this beautiful unique area one day 🙂 Until that day…I’ve got your pics and useful interesting informations. THANKS!!!!

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