Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour

We had a few days in the UK last week. We were actually heading to Hull but it was easier to fly from Knock to Liverpool and with us being fans of The Beatles we had to see a few of the sights. Of course we were relying on the not so trusty SatNav so it really was a bit of a magical mystery tour.

As soon as we stepped out of John Lennon Airport we saw the yellow submarine 🙂 There seem to be references to The Beatles all over the place. I think Sligo should make a few references to Westlife…but that’s a whole other story.

We were on our way to find Hattons Model Railway shop and the SatNav decided to take us all round the arseways of beyond but it turned out to be a good idea because Lucy noticed we were driving down Penny Lane! So of course we had to park the car and do all the ‘fan stuff’.

We were delighted to see there is an actual barbers on Penny Lane just like the song says.

After Penny Lane we drove to the Strawberry Field(s) gate. It’s not really near anything else just down a lane but it was great to see it. Fans have written all kinds of messages to the band there. It was starting to get dark so my photos aren’t the best.

After that we made our way to Stanley Street and home of the Eleanor Rigby statue. Dear old SatNav took us to Stanley Street the housing estate first though! We parked up on the ‘real’ Stanley Street and had a walk to The Cavern Club. It’s a really great area, a must see for Beatles fans. I’d love to go back again in daylight. We did have a bit of trouble finding Eleanor, she’s kind of stuck in the middle of nowhere. The poor woman doesn’t have a face either. She must have left if in a jar by the door.

The rest of my photos from Liverpool are here. That was our two hours in Liverpool. I’ll just leave you with the Penny Lane literal video:

8 thoughts on “Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour

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  1. I visited Liverpool Beatles Museum,absolute MUST for a real Beatles fan!!Will do the tour next year.Weather this June (Westlife concert Manchester MEN Arena) was to bad to do it.Thanks for lots of nice pics and information!
    And PLEASE, Val, follow your amazing idea, that “Sligo should make a few references to Westlife…” there are 3!!! Sligo born boys plus one Dublin guy who deserve that so much!
    The DublinCrokePark Farewell will stay eternal…love westlife and the Irish!

    1. I would have loved longer in Liverpool. It looked like a great place.
      I honestly think Sligo should have a Westlife museum or trail or something. There is still a big fan base out there.

      1. Indeed, there’s a large true westlife- …army, …family, …fan base. Lots of them would like to visit Sligo…and there’s so much more to see and like there! Sligo/Westcoast really seems to be a wonderful place in Ireland.

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