Blackpool on a budget

A few weeks ago Ryanair were having a 'flash sale' and I was woken up with the news that Jono was taking me to Blackpool - it was only later on in the day he also told me he'd booked the flights with my debit card! Anyway for the sum of €12 each return we... Continue Reading →

A flying visit to the UK

Last weekend meself and himself headed over to the UK. Andy's family live over there so it was lovely to see some of them and also some friends. We had to fly to Gatwick because Andy doesn't have a passport so there was a lot of driving to do. I saw a lot of motorways and... Continue Reading →

Coronation Street Tour

This is a very overdue blog but better late than never. Last year I went to Manchester for a couple of days and visited the Coronation Street Studio Tour. The tour was meant to finish in October but has proved so popular they've carried it on. The tour is of the old Coronation Street set... Continue Reading →

Our visit to Hull

This is a long overdue blog. In October the kids and I went to Hull for a couple of days. I've never been there before so didn't really know what to expect, I'd used tripadvisor to find out places of interest that we could visit. We flew into Liverpool airport so it was a fair... Continue Reading →


This is a well overdue blog about my trip to Birmingham. I've already blogged about the reason I went, which you can read about here. I have to admit I'm not a great traveller so I was apprehensive about the small plane that Aer Lingus use to fly from Knock to Birmingham. So I really... Continue Reading →

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