Costa Coffee

Oh dear I’m ranting again….sorry readers. This time it’s about Costa Coffee in Sligo. Lucy and I went there today while we were waiting for Jono to finish his course. I ordered a croissant and was asked if I wanted butter and jam. I just asked for butter. When I look at my receipt I was charged 60 cent for a small pat of butter!

I emailed Costa Coffees head office and got a reply saying the Sligo branch is a franchise. It’s good to see Rip Off Ireland is alive and well. I know why it’s called ‘Costa’ now, because it Costa’s a lot to eat there.


7 thoughts on “Costa Coffee

  1. Katie says:

    Costa Coffee is an absolute rip-off, you should find out the name of the franchise manager and write to him. In the past that kind of thing was accepted but we have to take a stand now. It’s only a small thing but it all adds up.

  2. Dervla says:

    Hi Val, We’re sorry to hear about your bad experience at Costa. We normally charge 60c for butter & jam which is inline with other coffee shops’ prices. One of our team members may have made an error as we do not charge this price for butter on its own. Please email and we will happily look into this for you. Thanks

  3. Dervla says:

    Hi Val, just to follow up: We were in touch with the area manager and the store manager for Costa Sligo. Unfortunately, the team member that served you on Friday made a mistake in charging you for butter as we normally give this for free. We only charge for Butter & Jam. The Costa Sligo team have been advised on this & hopefully it won’t happen again.

    Please e-mail with your postal address & we will gladly organise a refund for you. We were unable to respond to your comment thread on facebook as we can only comment on posts that are posted directly on our page, not ones that we are tagged in. thanks.

  4. Mayo is Magic says:

    Magnumlady, may I ask you, if when you realised you were charged 60cent for the butter portion that you did query this with the team member in Costa Sligo, immediately? Its hardly fair that you would point this out on your blog without having identified the error at the time, giving the shop the chance to reimburse you, I think this is very unfair and quite frankly, cowardly. Working in the hospitality industry is a hard job, give them a break..and the coffee is DIVINE!

    • magnumlady says:

      Thanks for your message and yes I did point it out after I read on the receipt what I had been charged. I was told that was the cost and I wasn’t reimbursed. So thanks for calling me a coward but I did say about it at the time.

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