Toilets and teeth

Blimey it was a cold one this morning. It is starting to look like December after all the mild weather we’ve had. The car was covered in ice but luckily I didn’t have to go out too early.

I took Rocket for his walk. He couldn’t decide if he should kiss the donkey or the horse so he kissed them both.

It was shopping day today so I picked up my mum and then dropped the kids off for their courses. Shopping was grand until we went to Dunnes. My mother first walked into the mens toilets…apologies to the man in there! Then she locked herself in the ladies toilet, I was wondering why she was gone so long.

As we were driving through town to get Jono I noticed about 20 guards outside the cathedral. I’ve no idea what was going on there, it was mad though. My mum was more concerned about some young lads backside! She was almost hanging out of the car ogling him. Then we saw Santa…no idea what he was doing either, a very odd day in Sligo.

I have to remind you about an old blog where Andy decided to try and whiten his teeth. Well the other week he decided to try it again only this time he used Cif (which I still call Jif). Mad or what! The only thing that happened was the his lips swelled up like Mick Jaggers. His teeth looked exactly the same as before. I thought for a minute he’d had some kind of allergic reaction and I’d have to bring him into casualty! The swelling lasted for a couple of days so if you want a cheap botox job try Cif (not that I’d recommend it).

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