Happy Birthday Lucy!

Lucy is 16 today! She went out with her friends on Saturday to Carrick-on-Shannon. They went bowling and to the cinema. She is a big Harry Potter fan hence the cake which I made. It took me three attempts to do the Deathly Hallows logo and then horror of horrors Harry Potter fell on the floor and his head came off!!! Who needs Voldemort when you have Valdemort 😉 Anyway I stuck it back on with icing!

I took Lucy to the Pier-Head Hotel so we could go into the hot tub. It was lovely, so relaxing. The hot tub is on a balcony which over looks the sea. We spent about an hour in there and then went for lunch.

When we got home we gave Lucy her dog. I’m sure the dog thought it was his birthday because he always has to get in on the act.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lucy!

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  1. The photos are lovely Val ,and the cake looks brill ,glad you had a great birthday Lucy …..looking very relaxed now after all your pampering x

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY for yesterday. (Sorry I missed, manic hear yesterday).
    Sounds like you some lovely celebrations – doesn’t seem long ago since I did it with Stef last year! And, it’s Alex’s 16th tomorrow – where does the time go.xx

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